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Hotel - Jury Inn Exeter
Bowling at
Friday 20 August Seaton BC
Saturday 21 August Phear Park BC
Sunday 22 August Topsham BC
Monday 23 August Oakley BC

Four games with 3 wins not bad

The weather could have been kinder but it never dampened our ability
Seaton - nice green one straight hand and one swinger on my rink, the sea mist came down during the latter stages of the game but we managed to hang on to win by 8 shots. Top Rink Margaret White, Bill Pointer, Alan Douglas and Peter Rogers
We finally arrived at the hotel after a mystery tour of Exeter in plenty of time for a few drinks
Phear Park - Lovely views across the town to the estuary excellent viewing for the supporters over all 6 rinks high up on the bank. The green was well watered and slightly spongy hence fairly straight on both hands. Team selected by June Douglas and Sue Stewart who lost on their rink however they did manage to select a winning side by 15 shots. Top rink Bill Pointer, Gordon Crook, Geoff Twinn and Brian Stewart
Topsham - We got Stan to drive round the town and ended up at a dead end, he made a good job of a three point turn. The walk to the club turned out to be about 100 yards. The green bowled well just like home, but the cream tea at 10 ends didn't help us and we then lost on 5 rinks losing the match by 15 shots. Top rink was June Douglas, Gordon Crook, Alan Douglas and Brian Stewart
Oakley - it took a bit of finding, avoiding low bridges and narrow lanes arriving in the pouring rain. After a welcoming meal and delaying the start for 30 minutes the rain relented and we had an enjoyable game until June Evans decided to fall into the ditch and require medical attention. The game continued with Gordon Crook picking up his third top rink along with Margaret White, Nigel West and Bill Turner for our third win by 16 shots.