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The tour for 2011 will be to Weymouth from Friday 19 August to Monday 22 August 2011
We will stay at the Premier Inn Hotel
Lodmoor County Park, Preston Rd, Weymouth

Friday 19 August West Moors BC
Saturday 20 August Wellworthy BC
Sunday 21 August Greenhills BC
Monday 22 August Gillingham BC

What a tour great company, hosts and the views.

Three of our players were involved in the national finals at Worthing and missed the first game this may have weakened our side for our only defeat.

This was the group photo we wanted at West Moors ...but this was their first attempt
Nigel leading the way Not a bad head for the start of the tour
Wellworthy overlooking Portland Bay No time to look at the view
Still focussed on playing Shopping for our Bucket and Spade
Greenhill looking out to sea Greenhill Views
Greenhill looking to the hills Our supporters at Greenhill
Sunday Evening Dinner Still waiting to be served
The Entertainment Starts ..and the drinking continues
The tour is coming to an end at Gillingham .. but there's still a game to win
It's nearly time to go home ..more food and raffle prizes to win