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Welcome to Abingdon Bowling Club.
The Club was founded as a Men's club in 1913 and Ladies were admitted to playing membership in 1971. The Club obtained Charitable status in January 2005. We welcome new members of any age, and provide opportunities for both social and competitive bowling. The green is leased from Christ's Hospital, a charity who are the custodians of Albert Park. Abingdon has remained affiliated to the Berkshire County Bowling Association despite boundary changes, and Club members play in Berkshire county matches and competitions.

The Executive Committee – is responsible to the Charity Commissioners for the finance, general administration of the club, admission of new members, maintenance of the green and buildings.
The Playing Committee - is responsible for all bowling matters, arranging Club matches, competitions, and the interpretation and enforcement of bowling laws.
A list of club officials can be found at The People section

Green opening
The Green is open from the end of April to the second week in September. The opening and closing dates are on the fixture card. The bowling Green is open from 12.00 to dusk every day, unless closed for preparation, or inclement weather. The Clubhouse and licensed Bar is open during Matches. Non- members, other than visiting players need to be signed in.

Getting Started
If you come for a roll up other than on match days, you will need a key for the equipment store, and you will also need to know the combination number for the gate to the Green.

Short Mat Bowling
During the winter, September to April, the club is open for short mat bowling for more information see the Short Mat section

Rink mats, jacks etc are kept in the equipment store. Please put away tidily after use and keep the door shut at all times.
Bowls (often called woods) come in a set of four (borrow some from the Club or friends if possible - do not buy a new set of bowls until you find those suitable for you).

Roll Ups, Competitions etc. Everyone must wear flat soled bowling shoes, and should dress tidily at all times. You will also need white wet gear. Rain does not stop play! Matches and competitions played in Greys Grey skirt (preferably regulation bowling skirt) or trousers, club top, or white blouse/shirt, jumper, pullover or cardigan, brown or white flat soled bowling shoes. You will also white wet gear. Rain does not stop play! Matches and competitions played in Whites White skirt (preferably regulation bowling skirt) or trousers, club top, or white blouse/shirt, jumper, pullover or cardigan, white flat soled bowling shoes. You will also white wet gear. Rain does not stop play!

Coaching sessions are available for new bowlers. Correct delivery of bowls will improve your game - it is better to learn to deliver bowls properly from the start than to try to correct faults later. Bumping or dropping the woods damages the green and is actively discouraged. Social Bowling Playing Members only Ladies - Monday afternoons 1.45 to 4.00pm. Men - Tuesday afternoons 1.45 to 4.30pm. Use of free rinks is encouraged for roll-up sessions. Just turn up, check the rink bookings folder (kept in the hallway) and use any free rink. Rinks for roll-ups cannot be pre-booked.

Booking a Rink
The booking folder is kept in the hallway. Pre-arranged matches will automatically be entered. You may use empty rinks to play competitions but please write your name and competition in the space provided.

May be available. Please ask a committee member for details.

Bowling Rules
Lawn (outdoor) bowls games are played under Bowls ENGLAND laws. There is a copy in the club for reference. Short Mat bowls are played under English Short Mat Bowling Association laws

Every playing member may enter Club competitions and full details can be found on the notice boards. New bowlers are welcome to have a go if the first rounds have not already been drawn. Competitions can be fun and will improve your bowling. An entry form is issued with the annual subscription form, or a web version is available at New Membership Form, or is available from your competitions secretary.

Berkshire County competitions
All members are eligible to enter. Entries must be made in the current year for next year’s competitions. Please look on the notice board August/September and enter your name.

Open competitions held by other bowling clubs
Posters are displayed on the general notice board.
The Preston Cup.
A prestigious open competition organised by our club. It attracts entries from a wide area and the finals are played here (see fixtures list). Gala Days These are held occasionally.

Internal Club Competitions
Martin Cup, Cottrell Cup, Jubilee Cup, Christ's Hospital Trophy (dates in fixtures list). These are one day friendly competitions for players of all standards. Please add your name to the entry list on the notice board.

Club Leagues
Club mixed league Wednesday evenings. Teams are made up of club members only.
Please contact the organiser if you wish to play in a team.
Inter Club - home and away matches
Men - Kennett League (KL)
KLV (LV = over 55s) League
Ladies - Ridgeway League

Playing in Club Competitions
First find your name on the competition sheets. If your name is in red, you are the challenger, which means: a) You contact your opponent
b) Suggest three dates to play (include possibly an evening or weekend)
c) Arrange for a marker in a singles game
d) Book a rink
Opponents are free to contact and negotiate with the challenger at any time. Do not wait to be challenged.

Interclub Friendly Matches
(Please see fixture card. These are friendly games where we entertain other clubs on our green or play away on their green. These are games for all members and provide an opportunity to meet other bowlers, improve your knowledge of the game and make new friends. Match lists are put up on notice boards for you to add your name if you wish to play. The team selected is displayed in the week (usually Wednesday evening) prior to the match. If you are selected you will be expected to turn up ready to play. If you need to cancel it is essential you ring your captain. The host club provides a light meal after the match. You are expected to remain to socialise with your guests.
Home matches a bring and share tea is the norm - each player must bring enough food for two people.
To help the match day run smoothly please make yourself available with the essential pre/post match activities.
Raffles – donated prizes are always welcome.
Sales table – home made jams, books, bric-a-brac – donations needed please. The money raised goes towards club funds.

As with most other Clubs we do depend on our membership for help with the running and maintenance of the club, maintaining the green and grounds, etc.
Please offer your services if you are able to help in any way.